Thursday, June 12, 2008

Service Learning Reflection

The Three Levels of Reflection

The Mirror

This year for Service Learning my group was the Fundred Dollar Bill. Through my experience doing this we didn’t do anything really. I have more empathy for volunteer because it made me feel more sorry for the people in New Orleans. Nothing really alters my values or sense of community. It never challenged my prejudice because I don’t have any.

The Microscope

If I were in charge of the Fundred Dollar Bill I would have been more on top of things because we didn’t accomplish anything. I found out the man that started the Fundred Dollar bills was an artist. I feel we didn’t have any success in the Fundred Dollar Bill. We needed to go to Ballard Sphar to show is power point about Fundred Dollar Bill to get the green printing paper.

The Binoculars

Our three biggest issues that create problems that our service is trying to address are no one really cares, not enough people want to help, and we need more input. I can’t really change anything by myself because you need a BIG group to make a difference. I think the Fundred Dollar Bill should be nation because we need everyone’s’ input.

My Grade for Myself

I kept my attention towards the program the full period and I can remember most of what I learned.
I was there all of the days of service learning and on time for all events.
I think I was late to one service learning.
I was mostly on task and was always respectful of others.
I had research and other material ready for some of the meetings. I research, and post other materials on my blog.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Service Learning

On Wednesday when we had the double period and we discuss a lot. First we discuss what we were going to have on our Powerpoint for Ballard. We thought that we should show the pictures that Mrs. Klose had taken while she was in New Orleans. We cleaned up her room for independent hours.

But this week we should be able to go to Ballard and do an presentation on why they should donate printing paper.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Of Mice of Men Symbols

There are symbols just about every where you go. On bathrooms, restaurants, schools, and even books.
Just like in the book "Mice and Men". The symbols in the book are not seen visually like most symbols. They are things ,or places that represent as a symbol of meaning. Three symbols in "Mice and Men", that I recognized is the Farm, Lenny's puppy, and Candy's dog.

Now, Everyone has a dream that they wish to come true. In "Mice and Men", Lennie, George, and Candy had a dream to own their own farm one day. The dream farm is a symbol. Its a symbol of peace, and, success. To have their own farm meant that they would not have to deal with anyone else but them selves. They would be at peace in there own little harmony. Success would come from the ideal of being on their own. Being able to work for themselves, and not anybody else.

The next symbol I recognized is Lenny's puppy. In the book the character Lenny favors puppies. When he learns that his co-workers dog gave birth to puppies, he immediately wanted one. Now, Lennie is a very strong, but mentally challenged. So, he has a record of not being careful with little fragile things: mice and puppies. Fortunately, for Lennie he was given a second chance and received a puppy. This Puppy is a symbol of hope, and opportunity. Lennie now has the chance to have a puppy for a long time with out harming it. Lennie now has the opportunity and hope to prove that he can have something with out destroying it.

Also, I recognized that another pet in the book "Mice and Men" is a symbol. Old man Candy's dog is a symbol. The dog is old, and helpless. He looked as if he was going to fall out and die any minute. The men that knew Candy and his dog, figured that they should take the dog out of his misery. Candy being old his self, hesitated about this. But, eventually considered it. Candy's dog represents death and, the sadness of being useless. Because, since the dog was useless they killed him.

After I finished reading "Mice and Men", I learned that there not just symbols in bathrooms, restaurants, and school, but also in books. Books do not have visual symbols, but things or places that represent as a symbol with meaning. Three symbols that i recognized where the Farm that represent peace, and success. Lenny's puppy, which represents hope, and opportunity, and Candy's dog represent death, and uselessness. Now, that I have this knowledge I will look for symbols like these in every book I read.

Motifs of Mice Of Men

A motif of, Of Mice and Men is the feel of loneliness and the need for companionship from a few of the characters in this book. The characters that has this feeling the most is Curly’s wife, George, and Candy, who all, first start out with a companion but is soon found in loneliness.

Even though she is married to Curly, Curly’s wife is lonely. Curly is very cruel to her and is always out fighting to prove his manhood, so she is very lonely. Curly is always telling her to back into the house and then leaving her alone for hours.

While Curly'ss wife is lonely, Candy is also lonely. Candy once had a dog who was his companion but, then the men decided that the dogwas too old. So, they shot Candy's dog. After the dog was shot Candy became reclusive and therefore became lonely.

George is another character who is lonely. George traveled everywhere with Lennie, even Lennie says, " George and I go everywhere together." But at the end of the book George shots Lennie, so sadly George is then left alone.

In, conclusion there were a lot of motifs in the story "Of Mice and Men". But the chararcter that has this feeling the most is Curly's Wife, George, and Candy.

Service Learning (Past)

I felt fustrated that the lately we haven't been getting nothing done. I also don'tb think getting the people to donate thing to us becuase weren't going to get done. But after the weeks went by I now feel that we are making progress. Through Service Learning I learnded that the victims of hurican Katrina still haven't recovered and now are living under the highways this experience makes me want to do more for people that lose there houses and everyhting the have. Through Service Learning I have learned that you have to help out others because one this might happen to you and you would want all the help you can get, this project made me open my eyes to the world.

Service Learning (Past)

Yesterday I finished up the Powerpoint and Ms. Klose has approve it. We had called a few people to see if they had any information to where we could get used oil, printing, and the green paper.

Service learning (Past)

On Friday we talked about what things we have and what things we need. Some people in my group were on task and others were just doing what ever. I was working on the letter so we can send it out to ask for donations hopefully we can get more accomplished.